Friday, February 1, 2013

This is a puzzle.

Beyond this message a challenge awaits;
In the listserve, no links are allowed, what a cruel fate!
The first clue must be deciphered by ROT 8.
Let me know and just email if your brain needs a spark
Your first clue is just after this punctuation mark

dsoqwj vwxwfvafy lge jgtafkgf af lg cadd s egucafytajv

Listserve Puzzle


  1. Did anyone get anything past Atticus Finch? Not sure what to do now...

  2. I got there too, but not sure what to do with it.

  3. Me too. I wrote the author, and in his reply he said I should look at the . and / characters. These seem to be clues...
    Know I'm wondering, because is says "Your first clue is after the punctuation mark", but the rot 8 encrypted part is after the "/", not after the ".". What clue ist after the "."?
    - teilnehmer

  4. Did anyone get past the musical clue? I think I know two of the three ingredients but I have't figured out the URL

  5. check the listservepuzzle twitter