Wednesday, October 31, 2012


hello friends,

tonight, i went to a TEDx event (if TED is new to you, google it). i thought, “what a perfect way to brainstorm ideas for my listserve email!” subsequently, i left completely and utterly overwhelmed (in the good kind of way). so many ideas had been shared, sparked my mind, challenged me, and inspired me that i wanted simply to share those messages with you all. but when i began this email, i realized i couldn’t, perhaps shouldn’t, do so. what i needed to say should come from me and my heart and mind and my experiences, not someone else’s, however inspiring and motivating they may be. so, instead you’re stuck with the ramblings of my wandering mind. sorry i’m not sorry.

wherever you venture in life, whatever you find yourself pursuing, be an agent of change. change your friends around you. change the community you’re a part of. change the country you live in. change the world. change the way someone views the world, her religion, food security, his neighbors, architecture, good music, HIV, or her own heart. change yourself. be a living, breathing example and agent of change. spend the extra fifteen minutes getting to know someone’s story (or telling your own), even if it means you do less “work.” live out the ethic of inefficiency where relationships and time with people are valued over accomplishing tangible tasks.

now, the only question left is how. how will you spark change in the world?

alexandra ernst
new orleans, la

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