Saturday, August 3, 2013

Greeting from a brahmin in NYC

good morning, I hope all of you are well. I am brahmin from the city of Chennai in India who moved to NYC 9 years ago for school and has been here since. IF you have a minute, you should read about brahmins.

I am not a brahmin in the traditional sense. My girlfriend is an American Jew, I practice mixed martial arts and i don't believe in God. But growing up in a Brahman household blessed with a good work ethic and strong family committment and that's the only thing i have going for me.

I work in a financial start up in NYC. I play a lot of sport (cricket, MMA, squash, tennis, boxing, biking, running). I am a sessions guitar player (with over 19 years experience). But i noticed a few cracks start to appear in my personality.

Over the last few years i have discovered that i have symptoms of the following nacrolepsy, bipolar disorder, and some minor symptoms of personality disorder (narcissistic). I also have gambling problems. Any help regd the above, tips / experiences would be great. It has had an impact on my social life and i am looking to work on them.

Good luck,

Ram Subramanian

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