Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Love Around Us

What a perfect day for me to win the lottery! I'm currently sick, don't remember the last time I was ever sick, and cannot do much so...

Just off the top of my head (read: headache), let's talk about love. I'm sure everybody has experienced it all before. The cycle of butterflies to heartbreaks.

How it lifts you up and gives you hope, make each a day a little brighter. It's an amazing feeling. Sometimes, just the thought of that someone makes everyday more bearable.

But love changes. It changes you. Who you are and who you become depends in part on who you've loved.

Heartbreak forces you to visit all those deep insecurities you didn't know existed or didn't want to acknowledge. It forces you to learn about yourself and who you really are deep down. Many a times, you will not like what you see. But you cannot be blamed. You have to love yourself no matter what. Now you see why they say you have to love yourself before you learn to love somebody else? You cannot expect and put the burden on someone to mend all the broken parts of you you didn't know existed. The only thing they can do to help you help you discover them. Love you while you learn to love yourself.

You cannot make someone love you. You cannot stop loving someone just because they stopped loving you. Because that would mean your love was conditional upon knowing they loved you. You cannot force someone to love you just because you don't love yourself enough.

Our definition of love has been flawed by countless Disney movies and romantic comedies. Ask yourself what love means to you. And then ask yourself again what love really is to you if you didn't have those ideas of love you see everyday.

I'm no expert on love or anything. But I'm saying this is what I have learnt, so far. Maybe I have a lot more to learn and what I learn may change everything I think I know now.

I hope you all find that special someone and for those who have found that special someone. Hold on to them.

I'd love to hear what you guys' definition of love is. Feel free to buzz me!


Eunice Tee
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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