Saturday, December 14, 2013

Make sure to check your e-mail!

So...from the subject of this email, one can figure out that I didn't check my email and didn't realize that I had won the listserve lottery. For some reason, this is surprisingly common. Because of that I'm not even sure if this e-mail will make it on.

About 7 years ago when I was in the middle of applying to colleges I read somewhere that the best way to write a college application essay was just to free write (within topic of course!) for a specified amount of time and then go back and edit what you wrote. This would create a genuine essay. Not sure if that actually helped me get into college but I want to think it did. I'm going to try and stick with this concept in this email.

The problem (or bonus, depending on your outlook) is that emails on The Listserve can be about anything. I've seen some excellent recipes, read some very interesting stories, and have heard countless pieces of advice. We're just going to see where my mind takes me.

I like peanut butter and chocolate.
Finding a job is difficult when one's interests are so varied.
The worst part about graduating from a college where everyone gets really good jobs is being the one that doesn't get a good job.
You can find tons of information about me on the internet. The only place that I'm private is facebook.
Feel free to text me if you find my phone number.
Somehow I'm shy and outgoing at the same time, but mostly I'm an introvert.
I still maintain the fact that I was smarter at 12 years old than I am now.
I really do love Listserve emails which consist of fun little anecdotes whose only purpose is to write something other than a blank email.
America's Funniest Videos will always make me laugh whether it's Bob Saget hosting or that guy from Dancing with the Stars.
Everybody needs to know about the Earth's Helium problem.
Actually do research before you buy an electric vehicle.
Batteries die and parts use a big carbon footprint when they come from all over the world.
Realize that the Beatle's biggest fans were teenage girls.
Paramore is(are?) my favorite band.
I get nothing done on Fall Saturdays on account of College Football.
I love science fiction but couldn't care less for fantasy.
I wish I had a roomba that dreamt of electric sleep.

Well hopefully one of these lines will resonate with you and will make this email worthwhile. I look forward to hearing from each and every one of you (even if it takes me forever to respond).

Monrovia, CA, USA

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