Saturday, December 28, 2013

What do I do?


I need a lot of help. It would be nice if you would take a moment to share your wisdom with me. I have some questions:

How did you figure out your gender/sexuality? Did it just come to you? Did you just kind of assume it and it felt natural to you? What was “society” and its norms’ affect on it? Do you think it is “wired” in your DNA or the way you were raised?

For those of you who are enjoying life, HOW DO I DO THAT? What did you do to get there??

For those of you who have done the higher education thing, WHAT DO I DO?

What do you think about the education system? (Google Finland’s education system for perspective.)


Do you have any good jokes? I really love puns.


I haven’t lived a lot of my life, but I don’t think I’m going to enjoy living the rest of it.
In a first-world society like ours, one popular fear is ending up on Skid Row, homeless, alone, and with no support. If you ask others their biggest fears are, it’ll be things like “public speaking” or “spiders.”

If you ask me, I fear living the 9 to 5 life—10 years down the road, I might be working some boring office job, focusing on a “career” I don’t want, since I was forced to declare a major at a time when I couldn’t even decide what to order at McDonald’s for lunch.
Let’s get real—I still don’t know what to order at McDonald’s. I have no idea what I want to do or how I want to live my life…but being stuck in something I have no passion for? That’s the worst thing I can imagine. I’d rather die.

I hate my uncertainty. I wish I knew what I wanted. I don’t know a lot about myself, to be honest. I love chemistry, and I love fantasy fiction. I hate being left alone in my own head, but I hate being around too many people, because in both, there is too much to worry about all at once.  It’s all a balance, right?

One escape I’ve found are in fandoms. Harry Potter, for example, has saved me on multiple occasions. If you were to learn anything from this email, it would be that YOU SHOULDN’T BE AFRAID TO DEDICATE YOURSELF TO SOMETHING YOU LIKE. For me, it means at least I know *something* about myself. ;) But there are just some things I can’t escape! I have problems (college tuition, applying to grad school, etc) and pessimistic views about the world (global warming has doomed us). And I’m not sure what my gender or sexuality is.

(((Really, what kind of BS is our education system here in the US? Kids do not have the same access to (higher) education. What we teach our kids is outdated! Technology is moving so fast and we aren’t integrating that into our classrooms enough. As I saw on tumblr the other day, we are preparing youth for jobs that don’t exist anymore, and developing new jobs no one is being prepared for.
Another thing, higher education is so…. STUPID! Tumblr made me ask: why is it, that to get an education, we’re under a debt sentence? (Get it? Cause “death” and “debt”? HAHA I laugh at stupid jokes.))))

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