Monday, February 3, 2014

The idea that suggests itself

Hello everyone,

the great thing about listserve is that it is based on such a simple idea.
I enjoy this random-based, non-hierarchical way of interchange since half a year.
Searching for simple ideas, for the idea that suggest itself, is what occupies me most as an conceptual urban artist.

One day I entered an art school out of curiosity, smelled its atmosphere and knew what I want in life!
That was 25 years ago and since then I got so many chances to develop and refine my artistic practice and have been able to travel the world with my partner as an artist couple for all kind of projects.

To me, art is all about dealing with freedom. To pick whatever is interesting or unsettled, to research on it and to create a comment through this vast variety of media available nowadays. I wish that everyone who feels the desire to express and to create finds the courage and the means do so. To succeed and to fail and to start over again. And I am convinced that cultural exchange is a superb contribution to foster mutual understanding on this shaken planet.

Try to appreciate art. Go for the weird things, the works that disturb or provoke you and learn more about their background. Talk to the artists and ask them about their motivation.
The art system might be difficult to grasp but every now and then one finds that touching piece which opens up a unique and unseen view of the world.

Art is love. Love art!
Truely, Stephan

Stephan Koeperl
Stuttgart, Germany

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