Thursday, May 1, 2014

A List for [The Listserv]:

1. Gratitude is where it’s at.When I practiced gratitude daily, I often felt spontaneous surges of joy throughout the day.But then I stopped, because simple things are hard to do sometimes.
2. Stepping Backward by Adrienne Rich is my favorite poem.Read it out loud slowly to someone you love and see if you don’t feel something real crack through.
3. Digital detox. Yes, please.I used to join with the trees in their magic when I went for a walk. Now I feel separate, which I’m sure is a bad sign.
4. Parsley (Italian Leaf) is delicious in smoothies. Weird, huh?
5. Bodies are amazing things.If I touch my toes long enough in a quiet room, I find my soul, patiently waiting.
6. Coincidence stories are my favorite kind of stories (most of the time).
7. I paint chickens.I have an unusual last name, so I’m sure you can find me if you’re into fowl art.
8. Kindness.
9. It is my dream to live in a tiny house community.Here is the vision: a scenic piece of land not too far from some progressive city, a group of tiny houses surrounding a shared farmhouse kitchen/studio art space central structure.And gardens.And chickens.If someone wants to build this and then invite me to come live in one of the tiny houses, that would be cool because I’m not good at building.
10. Sometimes I do interpretive dance alone in my apartment. Whenever I dance to Bon Iver’s, Holocene, it makes me cry cathartically.You should try it. Maybe it’s just me.
11. My friend Lauren introduced me to The Listerv.Hi Big Mama L.I miss you

Denise Baxindine
Austin, TX

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