Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Everyone Likes Butts

Two outcomes: you will never get what you want and you'll believe that that's why you're unhappy - OR - you will get what you want and realize that it doesn't actually make you happy and you'll find something else to be dissatisfied with. I've been everywhere. Pyramids kinda sucked. China is dope. Everyone's been to Europe.

Best travel story - was meeting up with an Aussie friend in Saigon. We originally met in Istanbul. We bought motorcycles for $200 and drove through Cambodia and flew out from Bangkok.

Worst - losing my mind on hash when I was sleeping on the ground in a concrete room with my brother in the slums of Rabat. The Moroccan guys were actually incredibly nice though. I don't really read these Listserve messages but I'm sure they're stocked with people telling you about how worldly they are. Sorry.

Thanatopsis - Why is death such an awkward topic? It's the only thing we deterministically all share in common. Everyone dies. I am going to die. You are going to die. Sorry, again.

Also, I kinda think that our leaders are killers and liars. They bomb a cities the size of Chicago and then call *them* terrorists. But hey! Darfur t-shirts at a Redskins game. Happy Thanksgiving.

I used to love a woman named Rebecca. I currently love a woman called Mary Abigail. My girlfriend's name is Madeliene. We're in a wonderful open relationship. I need 'open' right now and maybe forever. Monogamy is probably good for mortgages though.

Particle Physics - There are two competing outlooks on quantum dynamics, QED and QCD. Both have applications and limits. You die. I die. Eigenvectors.

Send me some love if you're ever in DC.

Brendan Freehart
Columbia Heights, Washington, DC, USA

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